Chocolate Chip, Fat Vanilla, and the Fediverse.

Instagram vs. PixelFed

I quit using instagram quite a while back on my quest to using only decentralised and Open Source services. But a month back I started using some of these services again because I was part of a Youth Exchange Camp. During the camp I made a Dutch Friend and we created a Instagram Account called chocolatechip_n_fatvanilla (I was chocolate chip and he was fat vanilla). It was fun to Post pictures but at the back of my head I didn’t feel all that great about using Instagram again. So, I decided to mirror the account on PixelFed.

PixelFed is a Open Source and Federated Social Media Network in the likeness of Instagram. It uses ActivityPub to Connect to other networks such as Mastodon (The Twitter of the fediverse). Anyone has host a PixelFed server. PixelFed is still in beta and lacks a lot of features. In fact, when I made my account on PixelFed, it didn’t even have the option to change your profile picture. But, it is being developed rapidly and new features are being added on a regular basis. You can check out the PixelFed account here. Soon, you’ll be able to follow this account from Mastodon, Friendica, and other Social Networks on the fediverse. I’ll soon do a proper post on the Fediverse. I just wanted to post something since I hadn’t in quite a while.

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