Dear Lunduke,


Linux youtuber, Bryan Lunduke, decided it was time to switch to making all his new videos patreon only. Of course, this caused an outrage. Here are my thoughts on it.

The Situation

Bryan Lunduke had already make 2018 version of his annual show “Linux Sucks” patreon only, in order to fund his trip to Linux Fest North West. (Which is where the show was shot). Most people were fine with that, since it was one of his shows where he had to spend a fair amount of money to produce it and he had recently left his “Day Job” at openSUSE. Lunduke also released a Video game; Linux Tycoon 2. Lunduke had thrown around the Idea of having his own Studio where he could do Live shows like Linux Thursday, but he needed more money to fund that dream. He also needed money to he could move away from Youtube and distribute his content on his own (or a shared community) server. Then on 16th May he released a video titled Lunduke Show - State of the Show - May 16, 2018. In the video he announced that going forward he is going to make all his shows patreon only, and is going to post short clips from those videos on Youtube. He gave many reasons explaining his decision but not everyone was satisfied. His Youtube channel was bombarded with inflammatory and anti-jewish comments.

My Opinion

I’ve been watching Lunduke’s video’s since the past 2 years. In fact, the “Linux Sucks” Series played a big part in my migration to GNU/Linux. I’m only 17 (Well, I’ll be 18 in July but you know what I mean) years old, and don’t have my own Credit Card. (Or any kind of payment platform that Patreon Accepts). I somehow became a Lunduke’s patron this month using my Mother’s Debit card on my PayPal. But this was only because he was in a good mood and my results were good. If this had happened 2 years ago, there is no way I would have been able to watch Lunduke and his shows.

I am fine with Lunduke making people pay for his content. Truth be told, his produces a lot of videos. Sometimes up to 20 Hours per month. $2 Is a pretty good value, I’d say. The problem is that this alienates a large proportion of his audience. There are some people that can’t pay that $2 Monthly. And some who can pay, but Patreon does not support their payment platform. I think there’s a middle ground we all can take.

A Suggested Solution

I am very happy that Lunduke is releasing his content DRM Free. This was expected, and he would have been burnt alive by everyone if he hadn’t done that. I think instead of making all his videos patreon only forever, he should release them for the general public for free after a while. Since he is already posting his videos as unlisted on Youtube, he could make them public after maybe two weeks or a month. From one of his Twitter Conversations, it seems that’s what he’s planning to do.

Secondly, I think he needs to apologise that he make such a huge change in such a short notice. (Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition) He has total control over his content, and he can publish it as he likes. But, I really do feel announcing the change 2-4 weeks prior would have been better. I know he is worked up with all the comments and email, but I think this will help calm the audience a bit.

I don’t expect Lunduke to do any of this. It’s his channel and it’s his life. But I at least want him to consider. If any one reading this agrees with me, keep pestering Lunduke respectfully, and maybe he’ll budge.

You can Email me at or send me a message on Matrix/ on, if you want to talk about this.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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