Moving away from neocities.

It’s not you it’s me

I’ve been mantaining this website for about three months now, and It has been a fun experience. It all started with Chris Were’s thoughts on how were bloated and annoying and they don’t need to be huge hunks of javascript and css. This website has evolved; in purpose, content, and style. It started out an a basic introduction page for myself, and a place to share my Notes (Which i haven’t updated after my exams ended. Sorry!), and then a place to share my contact info. But as the size of the website is increasing it is becoming harder and harder to use Neocities for this website. I have my own server and domain now and this website was available on both neocities and but it’s time to retire neocities. Here are my reasons:

I think that about covers it. So, from now on this website will only be available on

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