What God do you want to believe in?


Humans throughout history have believed in some sort of supernatural phenomenon.

The useless walk buttons.


It didn’t take too long after moving to America for me to realize that the “Push Button To Cross” buttons on intersections don’t actually work.

Lexical Acquisition Through Category Matching: 12-Month-Old Infants Associate Words to Visual Categories


Lexical Acquisition is the process in which children learn new words, and associate then with new meanings.

The Community College Debate.


The American education system is one complicated beast. There’s High-school credits, Community College credits, University credits, SAT credits, AP credits, internships, and so many more metrics to judge a students performance. At the same time that I believe that these credits and scores are important, I also believe that they are not adequate measures of students’ fitness to work in the industry. Not only do students need to worry about what classes they need to take, they also have to decide whether they need to enroll in a community college or a university. There are competing arguments on what the best choice for a student is, but it is conventional wisdom that university, in general, will result in a higher level of success than community college.

Radiation from mobiles is not killing birds.


Sequel to Robot, 2.0 released recently. And while I didn’t care much for the story of the movie, which was pretty bad itself, I was furious on how much misinformation the movie had.



So, when Luke Smith introduced Groff, I felt he was going too far, and it was too clunky and complicated.

Rights of Sex Workers in India


The sex industry is often treated like a taboo around the world, which has made it very difficult for the workers in the industry to claim their rights.

My Common App Essay


I wrote a pretty bad essay for my common app. Why not put it up on my website for everyone to read…

Chocolate Chip, Fat Vanilla, and the Fediverse.


I quit using instagram quite a while back on my quest to using only decentralised and Open Source services. But a month back I started using some of these services again because I was part of a Youth Exchange Camp. During the camp I made a Dutch Friend and we created a Instagram Account called chocolatechip_n_fatvanilla (I was chocolate chip and he was fat vanilla). It was fun to Post pictures but at the back of my head I didn’t feel all that great about using Instagram again. So, I decided to mirror the account on PixelFed.

I don’t like air travel


I’m in a flight from Brussels to Toronto[^connecting] and it’s quite miserable. The thing is, there’s (mostly[^ignored]) nothing the airline can do to improve my experience. Unless, of course, they upgrade me to business class.

Free Software


There’s a huge misunderstanding in the Free, Libre, and Open Source community (and in the general public) about what “Free Software” means. I am hoping by the end of the blog post I can clarify at least some of the confusion.

Dear Lunduke,


Linux youtuber, Bryan Lunduke, decided it was time to switch to making all his new videos patreon only. Of course, this caused an outrage. Here are my thoughts on it.

Working Out and Data


I spend an awful about of time in front of my computer, and to balance that I need regular exercise. And I love exercise. But I’ve realised that exercise is only fun when you have other people to work out with.



Last year my Brother convinced my mother to get us a dog. She was scared of dogs most her life but one day she got drunk and made friend with a rottweiler. Since one of my mother’s friend had a dog that she wanted to sell (Her son was having allergies due to it), we bought it. He’s named muffin, and he’s an English Cockerspaniel.

Moving away from neocities.


I’ve been mantaining this website for about three months now, and It has been a fun experience. It all started with Chris Were’s thoughts on how were bloated and annoying and they don’t need to be huge hunks of javascript and css. This website has evolved; in purpose, content, and style. It started out an a basic introduction page for myself, and a place to share my Notes (Which i haven’t updated after my exams ended. Sorry!), and then a place to share my contact info. But as the size of the website is increasing it is becoming harder and harder to use Neocities for this website. I have my own server and domain now and this website was available on both neocities and lokegaonkar.in but it’s time to retire neocities. Here are my reasons:

Cycles on a mountain


A few days ago Abhay and I decided to “mountain bike” up a hill in Kharghar. I had hiked up this hill before and I knew it was impossible to ride a cycle to the top. It was of course a stupid idea. So we did exactly that, just so we could take pictures. At least it was a great workout.