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Ginger is hotter than chilly.

I’m Shanti X, aka kentarospin98 aka Dhruva Lokegaonkar. I’m a 21 year old software developer from Navi Mumbai, India, and this is my personal website. I’m a non-binary bisexual, and I prefer they/them pronouns. I’m an agnostic atheist. I used to study Computer Science at Arizona State University, in Tempe Right now I work at circlelabs. Join this Discord Server if you play CS:GO, Among Us, or just want some spicy memes.

OpenPGP keys

I use openPGP keys to sign and encrypt my emails, messages, commits and blogs. You can find the key here. The key fingerprint is CC5E 77FF 0080 73C1 C3C4 F849 6D2D CD5C 0EA8 04B6. You can also find my keys on keyservers. Be sure to verify the key fingerprint.


Looks like all the cool kids have a blog. So I do too. Check them out Here. I have PDF and plain text version of the next available. I also have an RSS feed for the blog. Subscribe here!

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